Spring Grove Hospital Center Gallery of Historic Images
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Spring Grove in 1801

Map From 1801

Original Hospital Bldg

Location in Baltimore,

Spring Grove in 1819

1819 Map Showing
Spring Grove's Location

1836 Map Showing
Spring Grove

Close-up of the Baltimore Site - 1822
The Maryland Hospital
Drawing of Spring Grove 
(The Maryland Hospital) 
Around 1834

Spring Grove (Maryland Hospital) Around 1822

Hospital Grounds,
(Baltimore City)
Around 1870

Dr. Stewart - 
Superintendent during
the Civil War

A Lake on the Grounds of the Catonsville Site

Drawing of "New" Hospital 
in Catonsville, 1852

Main Building, 1880's

Fire House, 1872

Watercolor of Main Bldg., Date Unknown

Main Building Convalescent Hall -- 1890's

Views of the Campus, 
Probably Around 1890

Original Floor Plan of the Main Building

Map of the Catonsville Site, 1890's

Wade Avenue Gatehouse, c. 1878

Male Attendants, Male Department, 1890's

Main Bldg Auditorium 
in 1899

Women's Sewing Room, 
Main Building, 
Around 1915

Dr. Wade and the Main Bldg. Superintendent's Office, Around 1900

Patient Bedroom, Main Bldg., Late 1890's

Dormitory, Main Bldg., Late 1890's

Patient Parlor, Main Bldg., Around 1900.

Nursing Staff, in Front of the Main Bldg., 1890's

Refectory, Main Building, 1890's

Main Building Lobby,

Nursing Staff at the Front Entrance, Around 1910

Rain Bath, 
Date Unknown.

Carriage Entrance, Main Bldg

Convalescent Hall, Main Bldg. Female Dept., Around 1910

Convalescent Hall,
Main Building, 1890s

Sun Porch, Main Bldg., Around 1915

Patient Tent on the Grounds, c. 1900

Men's Industrial Therapy Shop, Date Unknown.

Men's Industrial Shop, Around 1900

Cow Barn, Spring Grove's Farm, Probably Around 1920

Women's Hall, Main Bldg.
c. 1921

Springfield Hospital Men's Group, Late 1890s

Hillcrest Building, Spring Grove, 1921

Record from 1897

Aerial View,
Spring Grove - 1927

Cottage for "Colored Women,"
c. 1906

Cottage for "Colored Women," c. 1906

Tennis Player, Main Building. c. 1890

Sun Parlor, Foster-Wade Building, 1928

Foster-Wade Bldg., Architect's Rendering, c. 1914

Foster-Wade Bldg., Before Completion, Around 1920.

Foster-Wade Bldg., Before Completion, Around 1920.

Foster-Wade East Wing, Under Construction, c. 1914

Foster-Wade, East Wing, 1928

Weltmer Bowl, 1940s

Spring Grove's Baseball Team, 1949

Rice Auditorium (Today)

Rice Auditorium Stage

Theatre Organ, Rice Auditorium (Today)

Projection Equipment from 1936, Rice Auditorium

Lobby, Rice Auditorium, Spring Grove Hospital

Spring Grove Orchestra, Rice Auditorium, 1938

Bland-Bryant Building, Spring Grove. c. 1930

Spring Grove Training School for Nursing, Class of 1931

Stone Cottage Group (Female Convalescent), Late 1930s

Garrett Building Operating Room, Around 1940

Architectural Rendering of the Garrett Building. c. 1932

Employee Cottages, Around 1944

Spring Grove's Grounds, 1940s

Employee Village, Aerial View, 1952

Hospital Prior to Move to Catonsville
Baltimore Hospital, 1st Half of the 19th Century (Exact Date Unknown) 

Hospital Prior to Move to Catonsville

Baltimore Hospital, Date Unknown.  (Early 1800's)

Thought to be Neilson's Plan for the Facade of the Main Building

Main Bldg's Architect's Concept for the Main Building at Spring Grove (Early 1850's)

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